May 3, 2009

टिकुरिका बेगम पंडित !!

टिकुरी माँ यादब पंडित पछी बेगम पंडित....अहम! अहम्!


Anonymous said...

Sorry it was not for public broadcasting...but I apologize for any inconvenient caused by this video! and I am deleting video from YOUTUBE...-Begam

Pyuthani said...

Begam jee,

I was browing some Pyuthani Videos on Youtube, and found this one. I posted it because it was tagged as Pyuthani. I should have asked you before posting. My bad!! Anyway it's private now.

By the way, you seem playing with your computer a lot. If you have any interesting news, photos or videos, please feel free to post here or I will give you the access so that you can update the blog by your self. Together we can make this site better.