Jan 10, 2008

Raktim and Pyuthan

I don't see any significant relation between Raktim Pariwar and Pyuthan , but we are used to listen all these patriot songs.


erames said...

Raktim pariwar is one of the progressive SANSKRITIK pariwar of nepal.Raktim has left us a lot of patriotic song which really touch heart of all nepali.But pyuthan is one of the district of nepal.significantly Raktim is related to all country not only pyuthan.I love RAKTIM.

Anonymous said...

do anybody know about sangita gc from pyuthan used to dance and perform with raktim pariwar, if u know pls give my e-mail address or write me pls. i am so looking forward to meet her. lamasangita@hotmail.com