Jan 10, 2008

Will Pyuthan have a cable car?

This news brief was published in 2000. All pyuthani were expecting to have their own Swargadari cable car. It's seems their expection was mere expection!! It seems Sunil Karmacharya( An engineer by profession, his alma mater is Mukti madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Ratamata, Pyuthan) Dai was also involved to conduct the feasibility study from Manakamana Cable Car.

News brief from Spotlight weekly in 2000.

AFTER SUCCESSFUL OPERATION OF private-sector run cable car to reach Manakamana temple in western Nepal, local authorities are making efforts to link Swargadwari, a noted religious site in Pyuthan district in mid-western Nepal, through cable car. The Swargadwari Management Committee set up in Dang district has decided to give the rights of cable car operation to Gorkha-Mankamana Darshan Pvt. Ltd. that has been operating similar service to Mankana temple in Gorkha District. The private sector company will conduct a feasibility study and present its estimate of the project within the next six months.

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